Hydraulic Cylinders

General information

Hydraulic cylinder diagram

Dimenstion Value
Piston diameter D max = 400mm
Rod diameter d max = 400mm
Stroke H max = 8.000mm

We produce several types of hydraulic cylinders for applications in all areas. Some are especially designed for:

  • construction equipment
  • agricultural machinery
  • transport equipment
  • mining
  • industrial and power plants
  • machines for processing of materials
  • shipbuilding, etc.

We produce single and double-acting cylinders, telescopic cylinders, as well as several specific types of cylinders. Cylinder parts are made with high accuracy by applying proper heat and mechanical treatment. Rods chroming in one or more layers is done in our own facilities according to world-wide accepted standards. Cylinders are constructed in such way that makes easy repairing possible.

Double acting cylinders

  • Welded constructions.
  • The cylinders are made of steel tube of appropriate quality.
  • Rods made of improved steel, and sliding surfaces are hard-chromed.
  • High quality gasket material contributes a long life and the high reliability of cylinders in all service conditions.
  • On any cylinder within this series, wedge or wedge bushings with articulated bed can be mounted.